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About company

GES Engineering is a specialized engineering company. Our company decides for the costumer the entire amount of work on the design, supply, installation and maintence of local power generation and heat generation systems. Local power generation makes it possible to create efficient and reliable systems for the production of high-quality electric and thermal energy. Local energy generation makes it possible to create efficient and reliable systems for the production of high-quality electric and thermal/cold energy directly from the consumer, taking into account its specific requests.

We offer: 

  • a full range of services for the selection of micro gas turbines and boiler equipment;
  • development of business case rationale;
  • organization of design works;
  • identification of funding sources;
  • delivery and commissioning of equipment;
  • warranty and after-sales service.

Service center GES Engineering S.L. carries out:

  • engineering support for FlexTurbine МТ250 и МТ333;
  • delivery and commissioning of the FlexTurbine МТ250 и МТ333;
  • warranty service for FlexTurbine МТ250 и МТ333;
  • service maintenance FlexTurbine МТ250 и МТ333;
  • supply of necessary consumables and original spare parts.





In order to reduce the cost of purchased energy resources, GES Engineering offers the construction of its own energy sources at enterprises located in the European Union.

Operation of own energy sources on the basis of microturbine plants allows to generate electricity and heat/cold to provide for the company's own needs at a cost several times lower than existing tariffs. The cost price of the FlexEnergy MT333 is: 0.05 EURO per 1 kWh of electricity, 39 EURO per 1 Gcal of heat / cold.

Having extensive experience in the construction and operation of energy complexes, GES Engineering offers block-modular generating power plants with a single electrical power of 250 and 333 kW (FlexEnergy MT 250 and MT333) based on high-speed gas turbine generators of FlexEnergy, Inc., USA (formerly Ingersoll energy division Rand, founded in the 19th century).

FlexEnergy microturbines МТ 250 and MT333 are an electric unit made on the basis of the well-known gas turbine KG2 with a synchronous generator with a capacity of 250 or 333 kW.

Microturbines Flex Energy MT 250 and MT333 are highly integrated, collapsible complexes. Flex Energy microturbines can be connected together as a single electrical or thermal network, or operate autonomously in functionally independent parts of the enterprise. 

Applications of Flexenergy microturbine systems

- application as the main producer of electrical and thermal energy for operation in 24/7 mode (24 hours a day, 7 days a week);

- application as a peak energy source (reducing the power consumed from the network during periods of high energy consumption) with the possibility of daily starts and stops;

- application where there is a need for a reliable, high-resource, low-emission autonomous source of electricity and heat, which does not require large expenditures for maintenance and operation.

Features & Benefits

The Flex Energy microturbine systems have a number of advantages:

- operation as a parallel to an external electrical network, and in an autonomous mode for a dedicated load;

- The lowest operating and maintenance costs among installations of its class;

- the possibility of stable operation over the entire range of loads from 0 to 100%;

- removal of the hottest zone (combustion chamber) into a separate unit, which allows the engine and generator to operate in normal operation without significant stress and overload;

- the ability to work on low-calorie fuels, natural gas, biogas, landfill gas with a minimum methane concentration of up to 30%;

- The built-in heat recovery system allows the organization of hot water supply and heating. The exhaust gas temperature of microturbine after disposal is about 90C, which does not require the use of special flues and chimneys;

- low exhaust emissions;

- the manufacture of microturbine units Flex Energy MT 250 and MT 333 in the form of ready-made block modules reduces the scope of design and construction of the facility, which in turn reduces the commissioning time and reduces the total cost of construction of the facility;

- microturbine installations Flex Energy MT 250 and MT 333 have high technical and economic characteristics and outperform the equipment of other manufacturers.


Design features of FlexEnergy microturbine units:

- traditional bearings and lubrication systems of turbogenerator equipment are used, which allows to carry out an unlimited number of starts and stops of the microturbine;

- one single candle of a batch production is used;

- Electrical components and products of world manufacturers are used;

- the menu of the control and monitoring display of the microturbine FlexEnergy is displayed in Russian, English and Spanish and adapted to receive and analyze information about the process;

- The actual operational characteristics of the microturbine correspond to the passport parameters operating in Spain;

- Each delivered microturbine passes factory tests with granting to the customer of the report of this test.  

Together, these properties ensure reliable operation of the equipment and minimize maintenance time. Under the conditions of operation and periodic maintenance, the estimated operating time of the Flex Energy microturbines is about 240,000 operating hours. The operating time before overhaul is not less than 80 000 hours.

FlexEnergy microturbines in the version for outdoor use in conditions of low negative temperatures are designed for operation in the temperature range of outside air from -60 ° C to + 46 ° C. At the same time, when the temperature is lowered below +15 ° C at the input to the microturbine, the power produced increases and can increase up to 20% of the nominal value during continuous operation.


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